Toilets of the World!

The best and worst toilets we have experienced on our trip!


Cleanliness – 5/10

Style – 0/10

Type of wipe – Toilet roll (sodden from the shower)

Quality of experience – 4/10

This bathrooms obscure objects – Toothbrushes/Ants/Spiders

Toilet from Awana Guest House

This pretty little ditty is from Awana Guest House in Chiang Mai.

A prime example of your standard western toilet (note the Bum Gun for an international twist)

Cleanliness – 8/10

Style – 5/10

Type of wipe – Toilet roll or Bum Gun….. You Decide!

Quality of experience – 5/10 (a little uninspired, still too scared tried the bum gun)

This bathrooms obscure objects – none

Toilet paper

Defeats the object, don’t you think?


Cleanliness – 2/10

Style – 4/10 (having the urinal next to the toilet really saves on seat lifting energy)

Type of wipe – Hand and sink

Quality of experience – 3/10

This bathrooms obscure objects – Lack of tiles/mould


Chiang Mai Burger King has covered all its bases.


Burger Kings gravel inlays make for a real quality experience!

Cleanliness – 9/10

Style – 10/10

Type of wipe – Toilet roll or Bum Gun

Quality of experience – 9/10

This bathrooms obscure objects – Gravel


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