Back To Bangkok

So we arrive in Bangkok after our 16 hour train journey get on the metro at Hua Lamphong station and start our journey to the hostel (a piece of advise to anyone in Bangkok that I can’t state enough use the sky train and underground network it will save you time, stress and hassle).
We had to change onto the sky train at Silom station, we came out onto the overpass to a roar of whistles… of course, we had stumbled upon the anti-government protests. The noise was unbelievable the protesters had set up on the main Silom crossroads and blocked traffic for miles each way.

Everyone was doused in Thai colours and flags it was a lot to take in, there were people dressed up as politicians performing physical theatre on a massive stage (one that would be at home at major U.K festival) with a furiously loud sound system that echoed for miles through Silom and the surrounding districts. This is a big anti-government operation and all one can ask is who is funding all this? Either way the locals are passionate but seeming to have fun, there is a great carnival atmosphere and not one of contempt or anger, this is the definition of a peaceful protest. We are lucky to see this although we don’t really fit in, we don’t understand what the revoloutionaries shouting on the stage and causing the crowd to go wild are saying, what it means or its ramifications. We also have our massive backpacks on and are not wearing Thai colours (which are red, white and blue [why do so many countries use red, white and blue… I can think of a lot, Great Britain, U.S.A, Thailand, Cambodia, France, Holland, Norway… the list goes on.]) All I know is that with such a great atmosphere the could be saying anything and I would have believed it hook, line and sinker.

After we managed to drag ourselves away from the noise and comotion we hopped back on the train and found our stop, down the stairway we came and we were instantly lost, for an hour we searched the streets untill we found our hostel hidden down the tiny side road of an already small Soi. We were exhausted, We ate, then slept in Bunkbeds (I always have the top bunk, me and my brother used to share bunkbeds and I always had the the top so I am well rehearsed in bunk bed etiquete).
Today we woke up positive, we had to be at the airport for 2 and it took about an hour on the skytrain to get there, so we had ages.. we thought. We needed to print our visas which we thought would be easy. Finding a printer in Bangkok is similar to trying to find onions in a sweet shop, we probed siam untill we had no options left, we asked person after person and as time drifted away we got increasingly worried, eventually Caroline forced us into a fancy restauraunt (which admittedly i thought was a ridiculous idea) and low and behold there was Bangkoks holy grail, a beautiful gold encrusted and diamond embelished Hewlett Packard Printer, it was low on ink,
but there were our vietnamese visas in all there glory, we could just make out our confirmation number amidst the ink lines so we were happy, we celebrated with McDonalds….

They love a McDonalds in Bangkok, and Subway, except inside they sell Thai specials like fried noodles with egg on top and strange things like that, but all over the world the culture defining big mac remains unchanged, soggy, but beautiful!
We grabbed our bag and made it onto the sky train, an hour later we were at the Vietjet desk and through security (if you can call it that) in no time.
Next Stop Vietnam.


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